“Last time I called East County Pump, a guy named Dan showed up.  Diagnosed a burned out pressure up in about 3 minutes.  He left, can showed up about 3 hours later with a new one.  2 hours later, we had our water back.  This time, an issue with our tank, Katelyn, Dan’s daughter showed up.  Looked at our tank, showed us a pretty bad, hidden leak in the floor of our tank and ordered us a new tank.  We are now the owners of a great new tank and are most pleased with everything.  Thanks East County Pump, you rock!”  –Jean, Julian

“Well, we called East County Pump and sure enough, they got right on it.  Nick arrived and took care of everything.  We had literally lost all water pressure and our pipes near the pump were leaking something awful.  We weren’t even home and he took care of everything.  Love these guys!”  -Larry, Lyons Valley

“This guy from East County Pump is the real deal.  I have no idea what happened but I woke up with NO water whatsoever.  Called East County Pump and Bam!  That afternoon, I was taking a shower and enjoying a glass of cold, fresh water, straight from my well!”  -Bob, Jamul

“Wow!  We are so incredibly pleased with Dan from East County Pump!  Took a while to get out here as we live in the back country but he was definitely worth the wait.  Seems to have a sixth sense and fixed our issue promptly.  Thank God for East County Pump or we would be without water!  We will never call anyone else!”  – Lori, Alpine

“Excellent company. The company was great. Dan the owner is a little rough around the edges but is truly a kind man. He runs a family company through and through, both of his daughters work for him as well as his son in law an one of his girls fiance’s! Dan is the only guy who was willing to do the work that I needed done and as a plus his prices were some of the best I found. I will use this company for all of my water pump/ well needs.”  -Steve, Bonita

“If you have any kind of water problems in the back country, East County Pump is your go-to fix!  Dang!  I can’t believe how great these guys are.  I called, they arrived and took care of everything.  We had a really bad smell coming from our faucets.  They did a sort of shock treatment and after a while, we had our sweet tasting water back.  Thanks to Nick, Dan and Katelyn for everything!” – Glenn, Campo